The Zipper — Taylor Brann
The Linotype — Sean Brock
The Colt Revolver — Brian Brown
The Mobile Phone — Jimmy Conroy
Technicolor — Melissa Graham
The Pill — Jessica Kilday
The Traffic Light — Paul Kim
Toilet Paper — Bryan Lees
Artificial Heart Valve — Lauren Millner
Maxim Gun — Jeff Phillips
Microwave — Erin Sanderson
GPS System — Adam Shlossman
Duct Tape — Karen Siegmund
TV Clicker — Kellye Sorber
The Fluorescent Light Bulb — Matt Struth
Prosthetic Legs — Kirsten Walleck
The Vending Machine — Elle Weaver
The Highway — Maggie Wroe
The Submarine — Kelly Wuyscik
Sewing Machine — Aislyn Cathers
Radar Gun — Sean Marren

Created by members of HIST 325: American Technology and Culture, at the University of Mary Washington in the Spring of 2009.